Saturday, March 24, 2012

 I don't normally wear mineral shadows, but Aromaleigh just came out with the most gorgeous-looking collection called Muse. They do offer sample baggies so I might have to pick them up to at least try them out. 
Available here


Monday, March 19, 2012

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat

 Hi everyone! I do apologize for being MIA, had a pesky cold for about 3 weeks. A week ago I received this miracle product called Lash Genius; I call it a miracle because it came in the nick of time while I had a high fever that would make my eyes burn and water and by the end of the day my mascara would melt off. At first I was skeptical of a product that claimed it could make any mascara waterproof, so I gave it a test run for an entire week before reviewing it so that I could be totally thorough. First time I used it, I had a 102 fever and was amazed that my mascara actually lasted all day without disappearing, and at the end of the day actually washed off easily with my usual soap and water. This product has worked great consistently all week and has not made my lashes fall out trying to remove it. The box does say to remove with a waterproof mascara remover, however, but like I said, in my experience it isn't necessary. My lashes feel soft, not crunch, look glossy, and product is nice and lightweight. Packaging is thick black plastic that feels heavy and luxurious. Lash Genius will be available May of this year at Sephora and will retail $21. Thanks for reading! 

As you can see here, product is clear.

                                                 Product sample sent for consideration, opinions are my own.