Monday, May 30, 2011

Givenchy Le Prisme Mono e/s in Smart Nude & Couture Beige

Hi everyone! Le Prisme Mono ($29 for 0.12 oz) Smart Nude (left) is a pinky nude, and Couture Beige is a golden beige. Each is a 4 in 1 e/s. One shade is matte while the other three have different shimmer and finishes. Ca be used individually or all mixed together.
They are both beautiful, I couldn't decide which to get so I got both. :D I like these as an all over wash with just liner. Givenchy's e/s are amazing quality, if you haven't tried them I highly recommend you do.
Packaging is gorgeous ad luxurious

Couture Beige. I swatched each color individually first and then the last swatch is all of them together.

Smart Nude. You can't tell but I did swatch the matte shade. The last two are MAC Jest and Naked Lunch for comparison. 

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Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #8

Hi everyone! Number 8 ($22 for 0.21 oz) is GORGEOUS shimmery bold candy apple red. The moment I put it on I said "What took me so long to get it?" It's that sexy.
Some other Aqua Creams can be used on the eyes, but not this one, lips & cheeks only. I haven't used it on my cheeks though. The finish is a lot like Ruby Woo, matte as heck, but that's how I like it. Very opaque and pigmented. No scent, no flavor. Waterproof, so it's very long lasting. Took some very good scrubbing to get the swatch off my arm. Comes in a little tub so I use a lip brush with it.

Here's the best fudge bar I have ever had. Just got these yesterday and the moment I took it out of the box I knew I was in for a real treat. These are from Fresh & Easy. Go out and get a box. And no, Fresh & Easy is not a brothel. I was asked that last time I mentioned it to someone.


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 20 Rouge Flamme

Hi everyone! Rouge Flamme ($30 for 0.13 oz) is a very very bright blue based red. This is a serious red, not for the shy. Formula is very creamy and moisturizing; doesn't matter for me though I blot it lol. But I know that's a good thing for a lot of people! :) Nicely pigmented and opaque. Long lasting and fades evenly once it starts to. It lasted on me all through the food and tea I had at AubreyRose, which is impressive! Has a very light rose scent.
 Packaging is lightweight but luxurious. Looks nice on my sweet vanity. ;P

I LOVE this l/s. It went straight to my purse, I want it with me at all times. Thanks for reading!



Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Mat Soft Compact Face Powder in 86 Toffee Taffeta

Hi everyone! Toffee Taffeta ($46 for 0.38 oz) is a bronze colored face powder. Has four squares with different shades that according so Sephora's description are supposed to combine to "form a unique blend that presents subtle and attractive harmonies for maximum radiance." Sounds pretty fancy, doesn't it? Supposedly this is a face powder, but it's SO shimmery. I bought it to use on my cheeks. That's how dark I am, I use bronzers as blush, but that's a separate story.Well anyways, I wore this puppy today and i'm not sure how I feel about it. It looked muddy on me and didn't easily blend. Also faded very fast, by the 2nd hour it was gone. Same thing happened yesterday with their Fashionista Brown blush. Which really sucks cause both products look so gorgeous in the pan!
Texture is powdery, soft, and silky, but like I said, tough to blend. Packaging looks gorgeous but feels quite flimsy. Has a 2nd compartment on the bottom that slides out to reveal a blush. But that's the flimsy part, it's really wobbly. But I still love the look of it, so i'll shut up lol. I'm gonna use this a little longer and see if it works for me or not. Has a light violet scent that's very similar to Guerlain though not as strong.

Ugh, it swatches so pretty! I really hope this ends up working for me.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation in Caramel

Hi everyone! Caramel ($45 for 0.14oz) is a gorgeous gorgeous shimmery warm caramel blush with four  shades in one. I'm sure i've said this before and I probably will again, but this is the perfect blush for us darker ladies. Second most important thing is that it will go with red lips, has to, or it's a deal breaker. 
Texture is wonderful, not too powdery. Packaging is pretty, but i'm not too crazy about the velvet pouch, doesn't have the YSL logo on it. What I like about luxury products is the attention to detail. At $45 it better have nice little details to make it look like I paid $45. I don't know if i'm being a douche but that part really bugs me, like they just threw it in some random flimsy pouch and said "Here, shut up Sonia." The brush it came with is decent though. Good thing the blush is so beautiful!

All the colors blended


Here's my cake! Red velvet--my fav! Oh about that 5, that's how old I turned, yup! Btw, the 24 on my About Me is staying! I refuse to change it to 25! Just so later none of you say "Hey Sonia you forgot to change your age". I DIDN'T.  >_<

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Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics

Took pics and swatches of these while I was at Sephora. So excited to share! The texture is unbelievable and unlike anything i've ever used before, I can't describe it. The colors were absolutely stunning and very shimmery. I didn't pick any up today and now i'm regretting it. But I will next time i'm there. 

$48 for 0.18 oz. These are amazinggg in person.

Palettes 5 and 6

# 19 (its in the wrong spot, actual number is 3) and 20

# 1 and 2


These are meant to be used wet or dry; comes with a silicone applicator which you wet then use to pick up the shadow with. So cool! Please click on the pics to make larger and see the applicator. Can't wait to go back and get 1 and 03. Thanks for reading!

Birthday haul!

Hi everyone! IT IS MY BIRTHDAY. H gave me a Sephora gift card and my mom gave me money to spend at Sephora. So of course I ran to haul early! Here's what I got:

Givenchy e/s in Smart Nude, Couture Beige, Givenchy blush in Fashionista Brown, Givenchy face powder in Toffee Taffeta, Yves Saint Laurent blush in Caramel, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #8, and Tarina Tarantino mascara in Black Opal. 

Yves St Laurent l/s in Rouge Flamme and Red Taboo.

This mascara is on sale for $10, I couldn't pass it up!

I will post reviews and swatches of everything individually. :) I have to share what my mother in law got me! DISCLAIMER:  Not responsible for any cravings or the jealousy you will experience.;P

The white things are chocolate and toffee covered ALMONDS, HOLY CRAP.

Isn't it AMAZING??? *Heaven opens up and angels sings Hallelujah*

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