Monday, January 31, 2011

Yet another red. Hourglass Raven.

Hi everyone! I, Sonia, WILL NEVER and COULD NEVER have too many reds. I have added yet another one to my family of reds. I HAD to have Hourglass Raven ($30) when I saw It at Sephora. GORGEOUSSS red with orange undertone. I normally don't like cream lippies I always blot them, but this is so beautiful and the texture is so fabulous. It looks creamy without looking too shiny or glossy like I find most cream l/s do. It Is thick/pigmented, luxurious, and screams quality. Not only does it look luxurious as I'm putting in on, but It feels luxurious. It lasts ridiculously long! You all know I go through tea like crazah all day long, and this stays put. Sip after sip after sip. I was so surprised! At the end of the day I still had some left, I only needed to apply once. It faded a little and It faded beautifully and evenly. Also, It didn't stain my lips, came right off when I wiped It off. The packaging is aaammmaaazing. The tube is made of metal and feels really heavy. The best part Is that It's refillable, $24 on Which is great, I wouldn't have the heart to toss the tube once I finish it.
Love the hourglass design on the l/s as well. OK OK, here are the pics!! :DDDD

This is so sexy it should be censored.

Thanks for looking! :)



Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight.

Hi everyone! Lately, I have super obsessed with highlighters. I'm surprised I haven't dreamnt of them, but I'm sure I will soon, lol. There is just something about them that really gets me. They are glamorous and really make skin come alive and glow. I really have to share my most recent highlighter purchase, Too Faced Candlelight ($25). It's so so stunning, just beautiful. The box says It's made with 'real gold', so that adds to the feeling of looking glamorous. :D The texture is silky soft, and the shimmer Itself is very very fine. This isn't a frosty highlighter, more like veryyyy fine glitter. But don't let the word 'glitter' scare you, this is very wearable without looking like It's more suited for kids. What I like a lot is that It's subtle, It's not like 'BAM, I'm highlighted', I noticed It shows depending on the way I move. First time I put It on I didn't think It was visible, till I moved my head looking for It, then I noticed It's magic. OK I'll shut up now and show you the pics! GET READY!

In the words of the movie 'Friday'....DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYM!

My little photo bomber showed up. <3

Ugh, LOVE this. I've been using It everyday for like 2 weeks. This is quickly becoming my favorite highlighter.
Thanks so much for looking and I hope you had a great weekend!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TheBalm Shady Lady Vol.2

Hi everyone! Sometimes shopping your stash and rediscovering what you have can be just as fun as shopping at a store. Well, if you forgot what you have. I just recently rediscovered my Shady Lady Vol. 2 palette. I've had it for awhile but it got lost in my sea of e/s. I'm so glad I found it, cause I have been using it for days! I don't know what took me so long. It's fa ha ha habulous! Not only are the shadows pigmented, they are also buttery soft. Or should I say, like buttah! So many looks can be created with this. Neutral, sultry, smokey, romantic, dramatic, and bright. Absolutely love it.

Insane Jane is the best taupe ever.

Swatched dry. Same order as in the palette, L-R.

Used Just this once Jane, Caught in the act Courtney, and Devilish Danielle.

What is a product you've had for awhile that you've recently rediscovered?

Thanks for looking!



Friday, January 21, 2011

Illamasqua Pure Pigment.

Hi everyone! I am so obsessed with Illamasqua. The packaging, the products, the colors, and the quality. I love everything I have from them. My latest obsession is their Pure Pigment ($24). The moment I swatched them at Sephora, I went nuts. The pigmentation is insane. Intense, vibrant, and screams quality. The texture is like silk, glides on and blends easily and beautifully. They go on foiled, even though I use them dry. I'm a sucker for sexy packaging, and let me tell you, these are sexy. I can't rave enough about these. So far I have 3 but I will have them all. Mark my words! I could go on and on about why I love these, but I'm sure you're excited to see pictures. So here you go!

Check out the packaging for Alluvium! *droooools*

Too amazing for words.

Static. Very fine violet/pink glitter. This reminds me a lot of MAC reflects.

Close up of Alluvium. Rich, vibrant royal blue with fine multicolored (mainly gold) glitter.

Ore. Bronze with a little bit of olive thrown it. With fine multicolored (mainly gold) glitter . Outstanding! 

Sorry this is blurry, but It was the only way to truly capture Static. Applied Static over Hard Candy  primer. The rest dry.

These really don't need primer. They do what other shadows do over primer. Worth every penny IMO!
Will do a look with these soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a great weekend!



Thursday, January 20, 2011

NARS Luster

Hi everyone! Just when I tell myself I don't need anymore blush, that I have more than plenty, I see a blush like Luster. I threw it in my shopping basket so fast I'm surprised I didn't make a hole in it! This blush is a stunning apricot/peach with gold shimmer. Which is my weakness. Peach, apricot, orange blush is my weakness. Especially if there's gold shimmer thrown in.
The shimmer in this isn't OTT either, just enough for a glow. The texture is so soft and fabulous. Very pigmented, so you can use as much or as little as you would like. Me I  use a little just on my cheekbones. So with this level of pigmentation It will last forever. A little tip, the rubber packaging can get dirty easily, so I keep all my NARS stuff in the boxes. This really helps, everything looks new. Plus for the price, $26, you bet I'm gonna keep everything! Onto the pics!

O_O Flash

No flash

DOTD! Random, I know. :P

HOT! What I love about this blush is that It's so soft that It could even be used with OTT e/s without looking like It's too much. I definitely recommend it!

Thanks for looking!



Sunday, January 16, 2011

NARS Madly

Hi everyone! I have to share my new find, NARS Madly blush. I cannot believe I barely got this magic in a compact. I was missing out! As soon as I swatched it at Sephora I had to have it. Gorgeous blush! Absolutely perfect for when you do dramatic eyes and don't want to over do it by adding bright blush. This is a medium shimmery nude with slight pink undertone to it. The pink makes it more of a blush instead of a bronzer. Looks really natural and just gives cheeks a little 'oomph.' WARNING:  Make sure to turn on a fan, cause this is gonna give you hot flashes. Onto the pics!

How gorgeous is this?

The texture is wonderful, so soft and stays put all day. Highlights and gives a glow.


Wearing it here. I sinned! :( I couldn't do my red lip, didn't go with the bright coral top and the blue/gold e/s. Too many colors going on! :( I felt nekked! OH and I actually wore a color top! I must be getting ill...

Hope every one's having a great weekend! Thanks for looking!



Monday, January 10, 2011

MAC Honour

LOVE how MAC packs their products.

Blush in Honour (frost). This is more of a neutral highlighter than a blush. This is a must for my NC40 (and up) sistahs. 

Thanks for looking! :)



Sunday, January 2, 2011

Products that got the best of my love in 2010

Hi everyone! Boy, feels like 2010 just flew by. Then again, every year before that did too. Phewf!
Thought I'd do a quick post and share the products I used the most in 2010, as well as a couple mu related Christmas presents. Here you go!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, NYX Black Sparkle, NYX Black, MUFE HD powder, Revlon Colorstay, Physicians Formula Organic wear (best mascara evah), Illamasqua Lover, MAC Painterly, and MAC Blacktrack.

Alba Sunblock (amazing moisturizer, leaves skin supple and dewy),  Illamasqua Maneater, Ruby Woo, Revlon Really Red, MAC liners in Smoulder, Cherry, And Fascinating. 

Gift from BIL

Gift from FIL

They know what I like. <3

DOTD! Jasmine Green tea. :D

And there you go! What were some of the products you used the most in 2010? Thanks for reading!