Monday, August 13, 2012

Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin

     Hi everyone! I wanted to share what I had for breakfast. It's one thing to talk about what I eat like I did in this post, but another to actually show the amount I consume. 
 Everybody is always trying to achieve beautiful, glowing skin. A new product here, and new product there. It's actually so simple to achieve, in my experience, it should be criminal that I didn't do this sooner! Better late than never, though! Definitely so much cheaper than trying product-after-product. Just eat better! You are what you eat, I cannot stress that enough. 
This coming from a Mexican that used to only consume vegetables when they were in a salsa, or fruit that was on top of ice cream. Oh Lord! Shaking my head...
I want you all to be as happy as I've been since I changed my way of eating.:)
Even my hair is growing thicker, shinier, and with lots of body. Not bragging, but rather telling you what you could also have! Not saying your hair isn't already fabulous, of course!

What I had for breakfast:

Mango, green grapes, strawberries, and blueberries.

I loooove fruit. LOVE it. Cannot get enough of it. 
Always make sure to sip water after eating fruit to wash away any fruit acids left behind.

I snack all day so I'm rarely hungry for lunch, which is why there's no picture of what I would typically have for lunch.
 My usual snacks include: baby carrots, raw almonds, smoothies made with almond milk, a glass of rice milk (Rice Dream is my fave. Contains the infamous B12 vitamin and is Vegan), or if I do get hungry a wrap made with: Vegenaise, lettuce, and sliced Tofurkey)


I got this recipe off YouTube and have been having cucumber tomato salad for weeks simply because I love it. I cannot get over how delicious this is. Sometimes I have it for lunch AND dinner. I love it that much! 
Here I added celery and bell pepper to experiment and it was yummy. I start by slicing the cucumbers with a potato peeler to look like fettuccine, either cherry tomatoes or sliced tomatoes, topped with a homemade dressing. 

I make it using:

1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 tsp Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
dash Himalayan Pink Salt
dash black pepper
dried basil

So simple but SO good. If you like light dressing like I do, you'll adore this.
I know what you're thinking: "Sonia, you are straight-up cray, cray! How in the world does this fill you up!??" HAH, joke's on you!  It actually does!
It's so filling that I only need to use half a cucumber; strange but true! 
I've noticed a boost in the hydration of my skin ever since I started obsessing over this salad. How could I complain? #WINNING
 If I'm not having my wonderful salad I'm having stew made with: beans, lentils, and/or quinoa (this is where I get my protein, the other thing you were wondering about;P). 

Hope this post was helpful!