Monday, December 13, 2010

Depotted for the very first time.

I didn't even break any! Success!

Depotted two at the botto left (all MAC) Which are  Crystal Avalanche and Black Tied, the lonely one with is Gazette Grey (LE), and the three on the right which are (top-bottom)  Modelette(LE), Warming Trend(LE), and Patina.

First, I put a piece of foil on the iron, put the shadow on top, and then another piece of foil to protect the shadow. Can never be too careful! Then I left the shadows on a hot flat iron for around 3-10 seconds (depending on how long it took to get the plastic soft), then I stuck a pin in through the back to separate the shadow from the plastic. But I did it verrryyy carefully! You don't wanna go through the actual e/s pan! At first I thought I was supposed to leave the shadow on the iron for 15 minutes (heard that from a youtuber), so I left Crystal Avalanche of there for 10 minutes before depotting. Eeek! Burned my fingers when I tried taking it out. :/ Luckly a wonderful MUAer told me to only apply heat for 3 seconds. Much better! Worked great and I didn't burn my fingers. I was mostly worried about breaking Gazette Grey, but luckly, I didn't! Hurray!

Thanks for looking!



Friday, December 3, 2010

Egyptian makeup

Took this picture of cosmetic pigments at an Egyptian exhibit. Notice the long pointy stick on the right? That was what they used to line their eyes with. Wonder who these belonged to. Aside from the mummies, this was my favorite thing there. Cool, huh?



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My fav blushes and highlighters.

Look at all this sexyness. *Whistles*Clockwise
Why so much peach you ask? I'm not big on pink blushes, I prefer peach, corals, oranges, and neutrals. I feel they look best on my skin tone. I do own pink blushes but they don't get as much love as these guys do. 
Clockwise Illamasqua Create (Matte honey colored, perfect neutral for us darker girls;) Love this one paired with a smokey eye), NARS Taj Mahal, Elf Candid Coral (Sheer shimmery Peach with a little pink thrown in), Illamasqua Excite (Matte bright peach), MAC Peaches (Matte sheer peach), MAC Nuance (Sheer shimmery mineral neutral peach), Illamasqua Lover (Matte light peach). Then in the middle on the left Fyrinnae Enchant (Bright orange with hot pink shimmer, HOT), and Bare Escentuals  Vintage peach (Loose shimmery peach).

Aren't they hot?? L-R Nuance, Lover, Peacher, Create, Taj Mahal, Candid Coral, Excite, Vintage Peach, and Enchant.

Closeup of Nuance.

Now, onto the highlighters!

The trick is to use a little just at the top of the cheekbones, for me anyway. I don't like to over do it. So I use just a little at a time. Just enough to highlight without looking heavy. Sometimes applying with clean fingers works better and blends better than applying with a brush.

NARS Hungry Heart Duo

Vered Romance (neutral pink) Vered Bone (Champagne) These are e/s I love to use as highlighters

Clockwise Porcelain pink, Shimpagne, and Cheeky bronze MAC MSFs

Shimpagne, Porcelain Pink, Cheeky Bronze, Hungry Heary Dup,  Bone, and Romance.

And bonus! FOTD!

Yup, that's a tree branch. At first, I couldn't get the sun to work in my favor downstairs...

Or upstairs!

And then..It finally worked!


Revlon Colorstay
Illamasqua Create blush
Vered Bone highlighter


Painterly PP
Bourjois Noir Emeraude
MAC You're Fresh from Fafi eyes 2 palette
MAC Brule
Yellow glitter from PureLuxe


Revlon Colorstay liquid lipcolor Top Tomato

Thanks for looking! :)