Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Hourglass collection.

If I could sum up this brand with one would it would be "Outstanding". From the product to the packaging with a sexy swivel mirror, everything is beautiful and high quality. Everything is high in pigment and a little goes a long way, even the e/s. I barely touch my brush to the shadow and It already picks up more than enough. The Creme to Powder bronzer is amazing. Very very little goes a long way. Just a light tap of your brush per each part of your face (I use CHANEL #16 brush to apply) is enough. Leaves my skin glowing all day, looking dewy, and looks natural. You have to try this to believe it. Do yourself a favor and go to Sephora and have a SA apply this on you. Thank me later.;)
The l/s is very very moisturizing and applies feels like a balm. This wears longer than any other of my l/s. Again a little goes a long way; highly pigmented.
L/s in Raven; Creme to powder bronzer in Bronze Light (comes with a cream bronzer and cream champagne highlighter); e/s (clockwise) Gypsy (shimmery champagne and shimmery bronze), Dune (shimmery gold and olive with gold shimmer), Suede (champagne and light taupe with gold shimmer), (shimmery mauve and shimmery eggplant) Exhibition.

With flash; unblended.

No flash.

Blended; no flash.

I hope someday they come out with e/s singles and powder blushes.
E/s are $38, Creme bronzer (or blush/bronzer duo), $40, and l/s $30. I love Hourglass, worth every penny.

Thanks for reading!<3




  1. wow! it looks very beautiful.. now I noticed.. most your make up are black.. ^__^

  2. Hourglass has always been one of those brands that I never get because of the price, but I love their gloss so much, I'm gonna have to try their shadows out soon!

  3. The red is so perfect! Like Vi, I have never purchased from Hourglass due to the pricing but it's always been one of the brands I've looked at.

    ...Then again, I can't really complain about price, as I have purchased makeup by YSL and Dior and so I am making myself sound hypocritical! lol!

  4. The lipstick is stunning! I could never afford this brand though :(

  5. I agree with VijiiS & Lillian

    The price puts me off this brand, BUT your collection looks lovely! :)

  6. I just got my very first taste (not literally) of Hourglass! Beautiful stuff

  7. @ Shareena

    Thank you!! LOL you're right! Black packaging is so elegant, love it! :)

    @ Vijiis

    You don't have to buy any, just swatch! TOUCH IT. You have to TOUCH IT.

    @ Mandy

    LMAO Mandy, as I was reading I was thinking, dude but you like Yves Saint Laurent! LOL! Girl you crazay! Touch the e/s and tell me you didn't go crazy and haul.<33

    @ Lillian Funny Face

    Thank you hun! Awww, you don't have to buy it, just touch it. LOL sounds so wrong that Im telling people to touch. >_<

    @ Vintage

    Yeah it is wicked expensive, I wont deny that! Thank you!!:)

    @ Flora_Mundi

    LOL, yay!! It really is!!

  8. The lipstick looks AMAZING. I haven't really investigated Hourglass because it's probably crazy expensive in Australia, but I have swatched some of the lipglosses and then stared longingly at them on my hand :(

  9. Oooh I love that lipstick colour! I really, really want the Siren lip gloss from Hourglass. Now that I've moved to a city with a Sephora, I'm going to go get it!