Thursday, August 11, 2011

Urban Decay Naked

Seems like everybody and their grandmother has pictures of their Naked palette on their blogs. So I realized I had to post mine too so I could be kewl. As you can see the brush isn't there. I miss placed it and I don't miss it. Piece of crap.
 Not usually a fan of Urban Decay, but Naked had my name all over it as this is neutral heaven. I keep it in a safe train case stashed away where it's dark. Since this is the Holy Grail of palettes every time I touch it "I've got the power" plays in my head as I hold it up high as close to the heavens as possible. 

 I know, I know, so many pictures of the swatches. I can't help it, I love how they look on cam.
Thanks for reading!<33




  1. haha so 'kewl' Sonia! :D I don't own one! :( I want the power tooo!!!

  2. At last!! :P I'm in love with it too and wanna get the 15 year anniversary one as well but I think my family will tell me off as there's no space left :D

    You wait until your Casio breaks, then you won't feel guilty buying a new one :D When you do, I can help you pick one :)
    I'm buying a new one because my sis wants a decent camera as well and she wants my old one hehe. I'll get the new one for my birthday from my future hubby ^.^

    The wedding is in summer 2012 but we haven't set the date yet. Well that's the plan and I can't wait because I wanna wear my dress!!! lol

  3. I had a feeling htis would be your style. It was *meh* to me, but hey, I guess there's a reason so many people love it, right?

  4. I iz KEWL! ;P There are so many things you need to get Ikya, what the heck??

  5. Anniversary palette looks so pretty! I'd want it if there weren't so many brights.:/

    HAH good idea! "No babe, I SWEAR the hammer landed on it all by itself!"
    I will definitely come to you when I'm ready to get a new one, thank you.:) Awww that works for both of you then!! If only my sis was begging for my cam lol. You have a great future hubby.:) Yay more mu money for you!

    Wow, its quite far away! Have you already started planning? I'm SO excited to see your dress! How are you doing your mu?? *so excited* *squeels*

  6. Lol, and to me the bright ones are meh. But to eat their own! :) I think why Its so popular is because UD is known for brights and they finally came out with just neutrals.

  7. I love this palette! :) Awesome swatches Sonia, and do you plan on getting the 15yr anniversary palette? I SO NEED IT!

  8. I've been putting off buying this palette, because I never wear nude eyes. But then I see you have it and I'm such a lemming. It's like one of those rite of passage things where if you don't own it you can't blog.

  9. I hardly ever wear neutrals, but I still feel like I need this palette. It's like everybody has it and I don't, so I feel like I'm missing out :X haha

  10. haha I knooowww!!:( sadness! No Urban Decay in India. And the craze only just started!:P Will ask someone to get it for me!!!:P

  11. "I've GOT THE POW-ER!" That is too awesome! It is a great palette, I don't blame you for feeling that way. Also, Beloved is pretty much the greatest VNV song ever. It's probably even one of my favourite songs ever!