Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laura Geller Blush N Brighten- Apricot Berry

Back looks like it what beat up by the mob cause it arrived covered in tape
Ever since I got Honey Dipped in my Birchbox I knew I wanted to get another Laura Geller blush. I saved up my Birchbox points then purchased this blush with them. Apricot Berry ($29.50 for 0.32 oz) is shimmery highlighter/blush with peach, gold, berry, and purple veining which combines to create a gorgeous coral shade. Great texture and very pigmented.On a side note: This arrived 2 days after I ordered it, which is strange because my Birchbox gets here 10+ days after they ship it.



 Wearing Apricot Berry and Anastasia bronzer

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  1. This is the shade that came in my BirchBox and I considered buying Honey Dipped because I loved the texture of this one so much. Have you swatched that one? If so, I may have missed it.

  2. You're so flippin' beautiful. Every little detail you do with your hair styling and makeup is always perfect! <3 xxx

  3. Just read your response to my last comment--I'm so sorry that happened. Please wish your other a speedy recovery from me!

    This blush looks so pretty on you! I need to get my hands on a Laura Geller blush!

  4. I LOVE YOUR EARRINGS!!! :) You have an adorable smile! Oh yes & the blush is very pretty!

  5. I swear, you're like my makeup goddess. This is the exact shade I wanted to buy after I received honey dipped! haha!

  6. Thank you ever so much! I'll let her know you said that:)!

    Thank you! Her blushes are so awesome!

  7. Honey Dipped is sooo gorgeous, I wear it often. I know exactly what you mean about the texture, its' fabulous. Yes, I swatched it when I posted that box. Here's the swatch:



  8. So pretty, and ARGH why do you have the coolest style?

  9. you are my retro queen!!! stunning makeup and the accessories are to DIE for!!!

  10. What a gorgeous colour! It gives you a really awesome glow.