Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dry Hair? Not on My Watch

Hi everyone! All the summertime fun-in-the-sun, pool, and ocean possibly really did a number on your hair and scalp. Now that we're in Fall and approaching colder climate it probably wont make it any easier. How can we undo all that damage or at least make it better? 

Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the gentlest shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. The shampoo is sulfate-free and so gentle. Has just the right amount of foam without going over the top so it wont strip hair or scalp and is safe for color-treated hair. 
The conditioner is light but very moisturizing. It doesn't just sit on top of my hair but rather sinks in and does a great job at living up to its' name. Defines my hair and leaves it sleek and smooth similar to using a silk-based product. 
Both are lightly scented.
Price is around $9 each at Costco.Each bottle lasts a significant amount of time.  

Camellia Oil

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When I want a light oil treatment I turn to Camellia oil. It can vary from a golden yellow color to clear depending on the brand. I find that the colorless version works best on my hair and soaks right in without leaving a greasy residue. I apply a nickle-size amount either before bed and put up in a bun or 30 minutes-1 hour before showering. Make sure to massage what's left on fingers into the scalp. 
I can even wear this during the day in place of hair serum because it's not greasy at all in my experience and has virtually no fragrance.

I buy mine from:

Hedys-Haven on Ebay (Not affiliated. Link is for a sample-size bottle)

Argan Oil

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I find Argan Oil to be medium-level in terms of the amount of moisture it provides. It's great when I need a little extra moisture without being too heavy. It's just right. Also works as a serum when you use a dime size. I find it works best applied to damp hair. Soaks in like magic and I don't find it builds up.  

I also purchase this from hedys-haven on Ebay. 
She has the best prices and ships quicky.

Leave in conditioner/mask

I've been using Cantu Shea Soft Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream from many, many years. This is the very best hair mask I have ever, ever used! It leaves my hair so moisturized, soft, and smooth with just the tiniest amount of product. I leave it in for 30 minutes and then shampoo it out. Depending on the condition of your hair, bi-weekly for dry hair and once a month for normal. 
It's amazing! Has a yummy coconut smell that I adore.

I purchase this at Walmart in the Ethnic section for $5-$6. Also available at these retailers.

In order to protect my hair, I always wear some sort of treatment in it. In my opinion it's a better idea to take care of your hair before any damage is done because it can sometimes be difficult to undo.

Hope this was helpful!


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  1. This post was amazing ! Can't believe the price of that argan oil ! I love your whole blog ! I subscribed to it, so glad I found it ! Very informative !!