Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flawless Hands

I'm here to help make your hands so soft your significant other will not want to let go of them. Or if you're single, here to make your high fives the nicest and best in town!
To keep hands at their absolute smoothest, I first recommend using either a sugar or salt scrub. I recommend Tree Hut Almond & Honey Scrub. It leaves hands ever so soft and cuticles looking healthy. You will not believe how incredible they feel after just one minute. 
Scrub as if you were using it to thoroughly wash your hands then rinse off and towel dry. 
Use once a week.

Available here & Walmart

I'm a hand cream addict. I use all sorts and have quite a few I rotate everyday. So brace yourself. Up first is the one that works the best on me: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It is absolutely amazing. Amazing. I fell in love the first time I used it over 10 years ago. It mostly sinks-in and leaves a protective layer on top which is soft to the touch, like a silky glove. 
 Available at drugstores or here

 Avon Moisture Therapy is my seconds favorite. Formula is very similar to the Neutrogena one. Just as emollient and protective. Non-greasy. 

Available here

 J.R. Watkins Aloe & Green Tea Hand Cream is another great one. It's very moisturizing but lightweight and has a nice green tea fragrance. Sinks right into the skin. 

Available here

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream is so very amazing, not only because it's very moisturizing and great for very dry skin, but it also smells like roses! I DIE. I keep this one in my purse at all times. 

Available here

Sleeping Gloves are a great way to not only lock-in the moisture, but if you're a side-sleeper like me, it keeps the lotion off your face. It also just looks classy.:)

Available at drugstores

Sunscreen on the back of your hands is a must, E\especially when you're driving. I use Alba Botanica Green Tea SPF 45
Available here or at health food stores, Target and CVS.

If you use hand sanitizer, it's best to use one that's also moisturizing. Such as Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer or Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint.

Jurlique available here

 Twisted Peppermint here

I hope this post was informative and useful.:)



  1. This was such a helpful post. I have really dry skin. I will try out some of the products you mentioned.

  2. I'm a hand cream addict too!
    My cuticles are bad for drying out. I use The Body Shop's Almond hand cream and without a word of a lie it is the BEST thing I've ever used on my hands!
    I recommend it thoroughly :-)

  3. I found your tips on flawless hands are very, very helpful. Mine tend to get very dry in colder months. Reading your tips and checking out the products you recommended come in very handy. I tried the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream from one of my customers and it is awesome. I need to look hard for it though. I haven't found it in my area yet. I know it will be worth the search. :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on latest post. Reading it really made my day. So far, I am liking the effects on the WhiteStrips I'm using. :)

    Hope you're having an awesome day. Take care. :)


  4. I'm so very glad it was helpful! My pleasure!:) I really do hope you can find that cream, it's so amazing!:)

    AWWW, you're so welcomed!!!!<333 I am, hope you are as well! Big hug!:)

  5. Hand cream addicts, UNITE! lol:) Oh my goodness, I'm gonna have to go try it out! I love almond anything! Thanks for the rec!:)

  6. I love the dress!