Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dior 1-Colour Ultra-Smoothing High Impact Eyeshadow-Crystal White 006

 My goodness - what a long name! Crystal White ($29 for 0.07 oz) is a very shimmery white with multicolor micro-glitter. It's absolutely glamorous and plays up the eyes brilliantly, either on inner corners or all over the lid. This is perfect if you're like me and like to create looks without having to use multiple shadows but still want your eyes to look done-up. Texture is delicious - very soft and pigmented. The swatch below is only from one swipe. 
    I've been wanting to get this for a long time now; always told myself  "I don't need it, nope, I don't". When in reality I needed it and I needed it badly. 

I recommend this be applied with the sponge applicator it comes with as it works better when you pat it into your primer.

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  1. It looks so vivid yet wearable! :) This color is gorgeous with your lovely winged liner!

  2. Replica VisionarybeautyMay 30, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    Very pretty, has such a nice sparkle about it :)

  3. Holy fudge....why does that strike me as really expensive? I guess that's my next shopping...uh...cherry to break. Eyeshadows.