Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping My Stash: NARS Oasis

Recently, I've fallen back in love with this little gem. Sometimes I get caught up in getting the-next- big-thing that I forget all about the pretties I already have. Oasis is a beautiful pinkish plum with gold shimmer. Delicious, right? 
    What I love most about this is that on me it pulls mauve instead of bright pink (anything with pink pulls really bright on me) so it does not clash with red lipstick. It's also so pigmented that you get more than enough product with just a light touch. I definitely recommend a skunk/187 brush with this. I've tried using big fluffy blush brush and it just picked up too much color. 
 I did a smokey-eye for a Christmas party last year and wore this and I must say, it looked damn good. I'm not a smokey-eye person, but since I paired it with Oasis, I felt like a bombshell.

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  1. what a gorgeous shade, i want to try it out

  2. Oooh this looks gorgeous! I'll have to see if I can swatch it in person to see what my skintone does. Where your skintone pulls out pink tones, mine pulls out even the slightest of red tones, making me look like I have rosacea D:

  3. Very pretty I may give it a try fro fall.

  4. I love Nars ! I gotta check this one out!!

  5. This is my favorite favorite favorite NARS blusher. :)

  6. totally delicious and I wanna seeeeee you wearing it toooooo ::double whine:: lol

  7. I love that you can see the shimmer from this blush!

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