Friday, June 15, 2012

Dior 1-Colour Ultra-Smoothing High Impact Eyeshadow - Beige Point 626

   Sigh. I have no willpower against Dior eye-shadows. I tell myself I don't need anymore shadows, that my collection is complete, and then I swatch shadows like these and I just can't help but throw it in my Sephora shopping bag so fast I almost made a hole in it. In the words of my sister's boyfriend when she told him I said my collection was complete and I was done shopping: "No, she's not. A collector is never done collecting." #EPIPHANY 
    Beige Point looked similar to Patina when I swatched it but it wasn't quite the same when I compared them. Patina has much more pink and looks more antique while Beige Point is more like a warm yet cool (makes no sense but it is!) beige with ever-so-slightly slight pink shimmer to it.
       Pigmentation and texture is great - soft without being too soft and pigmented without being crazy pigmented. Pigmented enough for a classy lady such as moi. *Pinky way up* ;P Sometimes I like my eyes to look soft and simple.

Clockwise: Beige Point, Frosted Beige, Burberry Gold Trench, Patina, Warming Trend, and Modelette.

L-R: Modelette, Warming Trend, Patina, Beige Point, Frosted Beige, and Golden Trench.




  1. It does look yummy! I'm the same with e/s now, my storage is overflowing:(

  2. Your sister's boyfriend makes an excellent point! I think that Patina and Beige Point are definitely different enough to warrant having both!

  3. BarefootambisiosaJune 18, 2012 at 2:00 AM

    You make me want to buy to more makeup. These are my kind of colors.

  4. See, you DID need this eyeshadow. I can tell by the swatches that it isn't the same as the other shadows in your collection! Some people just don't understand, lol!!!