Monday, June 4, 2012

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist

          Hi Everyone! I received a sample pack at Sephora of Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist that contained both the Intense and Natural formula; I thought you would all enjoy to see them swatched.:)

Clockwise: Natural N9, Intense 22 Satin, Moulin Rouge, and Natural N18.
Used my Moulin Rouge l/s to swatch. Sticking the sample in my purse for emergencies!

The Natural formula is buttery and pigmented yet sheer, reminds me of Clinique Butter Shine lip butters but more pigmented. It's just delicious! Those of you who love my-lips-but-better shades will go crazy over Natural N9. N18 is a really pretty rosy nude shade, 22 Intense is a creamy nude with a satin-finish that wont make lips look dry (I have a few of the Satin RA and they're so moisturizing). Of course we all know I'm nuts about Moulin Rouge, which is a true-blue bombshell red with the best staying power. I highly, highly, highly recommend these. 

Hope this helps!



  1. BubblemylicoriceJune 5, 2012 at 4:22 AM

    I've never tried them but they seem great!
    awesome post!! :)

  2. I love sample packets like these. If you ever feel unsure about trying out new brand sthey can make or break your decision!