Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow - Almond

       Best way to describe Almond ($29 for 0.088 oz.) is: a medium, greyish, taupe-y tan with just enough fine pinky shimmer. Did I study it? A bit. But how could I not sit there and fawn over its' beauty? To top it off: it has a creamy, buttery feel and amazing pigmentation. Bland is not in Burberry's vocabulary. 
If you own any of their shadows, you know about that satisfying 'click'. If not: easily snaps shut or opens right away without having to fuss with it unlike some packaging out there (I'm looking at you 'Made in Taiwan' Edward Bess).  Looks and feels heavy & luxe -- definitely like a $29 eyeshadow should at that price-point. 


Delicious, right?



  1. I use that shade quite a lot, I really like Burberry shadows, can't wait till their palettes come out :)

  2. OTL What you said about Edward Bess is so true. This is a beautiful color, it's simple and basic but not boring.