Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guest Post By Meredith of Beauty O'holic: Electric Red

In the past, during the time of Queen Elizabeth I, great beauties of the time owned the rich red
color of their lips to bugs. The squashed remains of insects were rubbed on the mouth for a ruby-
red luster. Cosmeticians have said that if you’re going to be outdoors, to wear softer/sheerer
shades and for the evening, to wear a bolder red. However, the rules have changed. I have found
the red lipstick that works well with most ethnicities.

NARS Red Lizard $24

I believe the lipstick speaks for itself. Just look at it.

This lipstick has a blue undertone. Continue reading to find out what is the best undertone for

Rules: Do you have thin lips? Try bright red shades, as these colors will enhance your lips. Do
you have thick lips? Lucky you! Some women go the great lengths, such as Botox; try blue or
brown tinted shades of red to tone them down. Do you have tanned or darker skin? Try a pinkish
red, which will make your teeth look whiter. If you have yellow teeth, stick to the blue red tones.

Basic Undertones

Red-Pink Undertones make the color seem warmer, but harder and deeper as well. Be careful as
these undertones can also bring out the red tones in your skin.

Yellow-Orange Undertones make the color warmer and softer which looks great on warm
skin tones. However, it you have really pale skin, these colors can bring out those green/blue
undertones. To be on the safe side, lean towards the yellow side rather than the orange. Too
much orange can make your skin look grey and sluggish.

Green-Blue Undertones make a lipstick more dramatic and deeper. Try to stay clear of these if
possible as they can make you look like you’re standing under fluorescent lighting.

Silver-Grey Undertones add shimmer, softness and depth. You will find these tones in the
shimmer lipsticks that are so popular now. However, make sure there is not too much blue/grey
as this can make those under eye circles stand out.

Green Undertones – watch out for those trendy colors that usually pair green with a yellow tone
as well. Yes, you’ll look cool and hip, but will also feel as if you need more color on your face.

Remember: Whatever skin color you have, that you don’t like (blue or grey under eye circles,
redness, pink, etc.) do not copy in your lipstick color or undertone. It’s like wearing a red dress
with a sunburn; it just makes the problem appear worse than it really is.

What’s Your Perfect Shade?

The cardinal rule of lipstick purchasing is to take a little compact with you and walk outside
into daylight to really see the true color. It is best to judge the color in totally natural light. Any
beauty consultant will be perfectly happy for you to do this (like mine was). Don’t deal with
those that aren’t okay with it; you are the costumer. When you walk outside and find the chosen
shade of red is not flattering, stride right back in and select another shade of red to test.

While trying on multiple shades (I tried on three different shades), ALWAYS remove your red
lipstick with a little eye makeup remover. Why? Because if you start to just smear off each color
with a tissue, your lips get irritated which means they start to redden rendering further lipstick
trials utterly useless because the color of your lips will change the color of the lipstick.

Remember, picking the right shade of red isn’t about the price, but about how it makes you feel.
You will know when you found the right one, because it will give you the strength to rule the


  1. Nice post, but Botox injections have nothing to do with getting fuller lips. I think you mean something like Restylane or other types of fillers.

  2. Great post!!! I love red lippies!!! My all time favorite is GA Rouge d'Armani #400 and I'm currently loving Guerlain Luxure as well.