Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color - Under Your Spell

Under Your Spell is a shimmery, vampy, dark cherry-cola red. If you want something that is as vampy as it gets without being a black polish this is it. It would also be perfect with a "sexy vampire" costume. 
Took three coats to be fully opaque. 
Sinful Colors Rich In Heart is a dupe.

Hope you liked it!:)



  1. WOW, you must NEVER break a nail, yours are always so perfect!

  2. I could literally look at pictures of your nails all day ! lol They are fabulous. Do you take anything to keep them this way, or are you blessed with good genes?

  3. I just bought this nail polish today and I am so glad I ended up buying it! It is gorgeous, especially on your nails!~ Wow, your nails are seriously beautiful!

  4. I glad you did - this color is so you! Aww, thank you so much!:)

  5. LOL! Why thank you so much! I'm so sorry I don't have a secret to share with you, I get 'em from my momma.:) and :( because I can't share the wealth.:(

  6. Ooooh, why thank you! <3