Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Smell Divine Paper Hand Soap

Paper hand soap? YES! What a genius idea! One of the best idea ever in my opinion! So many times I've been to public restrooms that were out of soap, wish this had been around then. Not only does this smell delicious and herbal (they also have a Lemon scent) it leaves the hands very soft and moisturized, I was very surprised. The strips are super thin, portable (I keep the pack in my purse), and the perfect amount to wash both hands effectively. Customer service is phenomenal. My soap hadn't arrived a week after it got shipped out so I emailed them and Megan (total sweetheart in every sense of the word) responded the very same day saying she would call to see where my package was. Turns out it was lost and not only did she send out another package right away - she included an extra pack, so generous of her! I gave a pack to each on my sisters and mom, they all love it as well and also think it's a brilliant product. Cost is $7.49 for a pack of 3, each contains 25 strips. Divine is available here and Lemon is available here
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  1. NO WAY! I just saw those on Shark Tank yesterday.. or the day before (don't recall.)

    Those are awesome! :)

  2. Whaa! That totally seems like a great idea!! Love it!

  3. NEAT! This is such a great idea, it's so gross when public washrooms run out of soap!!!