Saturday, April 6, 2013

Longer, Stronger Hair

Flax seed oil helps hair grow in softer because of its' moisturizing properties. Also aids against dry scalp therefore, guarding against hair-loss.

If you want longer, stronger hair, you must start from the inside. A healthy diet that is well-balanced and nutrient-packed is so obvious it's silly. You can apply tropical treatments all you want but if you do not start with a well-nourished foundation, all those treatments will pretty much do nothing. Zero. Nada.

Made with:

Soy Milk, preferably Silk.
Chia Seeds. Don't forget them.
One banana.
Half a teaspoon cacao powder.

Available a Whole Foods. Perfect snack.

Nutrient-rich super foods.

In the mean-time... 

Care for your hair as it grows.
 Caring for your growth is very important as well. Most important is what you use on your scalp.
Available here:

Massaging scalp for 3 minutes a day with a tablespoon of coconut oil right before showering not only helps moisturize thirsty roots and follicles, but it also increases oxygen to the scalp and invigorates thus speeding up hair-growth.

Available here:

EfaGold Coconut Oil 

Very important:

Very important:

  Very important:

Very Important:






Never. Ever. Ever. EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER.EVER.  Apply conditioner on your scalp. Especially if you want it to grow. If you want it to fall out, sure, by all means, go for it. BUT. If you want follicles (also known as: Pores of the scalp) that are cleared and ready for healthy, new growth, avoid putting conditioner on it at all costs. It's a matter of life and death...Of the follicles, of course!

One of the best conditioners I have ever used is Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Conditioner. It's so amazing that your first thought is, 'WHOA, you're natural?' Yeah, that good. EPIC, i'd say! Very creamy, smoothing, and moisturizing without weighing the hair down.

Desert Essence Italian Red Grape

Hope this helps!

Farewell for now...


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