Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yes To Blueberries Brightening Eye Roller

More like NO to blueberries! This product is awful! It does nothing for the eyes, at all, what-so-ever. The roller doesn't even spin much, I have to tug at my eye area to get it to even spin. Even then, hardly any product comes out. I have been using this product for a month and a half with absolutely no difference. Doesn't brighten, moisturize, or help in the morning. I'll use it up so I don't waste it but I'll never re-purchase. In fact, I wouldn't waste money on more products from this entire line. On a side note: Stay far away from the Yes to Carrots C Through the Night Repairing Night Cream. It does nothing but do the opposite of what you want it to do, which is dull skin and breakouts. Grr.

Farewell for now...

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