Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aztec Secret mask.

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share my favorite mask. Aztec Secret ($6 at Henry's or Whole Foods) is a Bentonite clay mask that comes in powder form. That's It, just Bentonite clay, It's that simple. Yet It works phenomenal.
This is THE best mask I have ever used. Queen Helene Mint Julep WHO? That's is like the difference between a Snickers and a bar of delicious Godiva chocolate. It doesn't get better than Aztec Secret. It seriously sucks out every single thing wrong with your skin. Is your skin dull, clogged, flakey, unbalaced, covered in acne, or just want a great mask, this is for you. You can feel It working as It hardens. I use It at night before bed and the next day my skin looks smooth, glowing, balance, and It feels like It can breathe. When I used Color Stay foundation I had to use this more often cause CS was hard to remove. I couldn't get It off with olive oil, soap, or facial brush. But this stuff got out all the CS buildup. Gross, I know. You should see how CS stained my sponge! I'll post a pic of that in next post. OK, back to the mask! So during the CS time I was using It more often and I never had any issues with irritationThis is the only mask I use, I've been using It for many years. I won't use anything else because nothing will compare, I'll only be disappointed. This exfoliates (in combination with vinegar), deeeeeep cleans, and increases circulation. Btw, the increase in circulation turns my face red for about 20 minutes, but I don't mind because I use the mask before bed. You can actually feel It increasing as well. The container says that you'll feel your face pulsate, and It's so true. I'm pretty sure that's circulation rushing to my face. It does It every time. I mix It with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar ($4.99 at Henry's or Whole Foods) then mix with my fingers and apply. It has to be raw vinegar or It wont work the same.  If you think your skin cant handle the vinegar you can just use water. But I have combo/dry skin and I have no problems using with vinegar. First time I used this I thought It was too much and too strong. But It was because I wasn't used to It. The next day though my skin looked amazing so I stuck with It. Took a few uses to get used to It but I'm glad I stuck with it. So if you use this and you think It's too much and your skin can't handle It, just stick to It. Trust me, you'll get used to it. Comes in a huge 1lb tub for just $6! DUDE. That's a year (or more depending on how much you use it) supply! I only use about 1tsp-1tbsp at a time, so It lasts sooo long! I've had mine for like 10 months. :O I love that this is all natural, super simple, easy to use, and yet works so great! I highly highly recommend this. Pics!

I keep this plastic spoon on top of the tub in my medicine cabinet. This is what I use to scoop out the powder. This is the magical vinegar I use.

This is how much i normally use, about a table spoon. I like to pack it on thick. If you want a thin mix use 1 tsp.

Here It is with the vinegar. I eyeball how much I add. Just enough to make a moist paste without being too dry, if that makes sense.

This is how It should look. As you can see there are bubble, It fizzes as you mix it with the vinegar.

Here It is on my face! I leave It on between 30-45 minutes. When I first started using It I started with 10 minutes, then more and more till I got used to it. I find that the longer I leave it on the better it works. To wash off I pat my face with warm water to get It to loosen up. Then when I feel It loosens It's grip (lol) I start to wash off with warm water. Then I use gentle a cleanser to remove thoroughly.

Hope this review was helpful! I really hope you try and enjoy this as much as I do. :) Happy Sunday!




  1. this is REALLY better than QHMJM?? b/c i freaking love that stuff (it tightens my pores like nothing else) but if YOU say it's better, Sonia then i will get it!! i have combo-DRY skin though

    much love,
    Susie (btw i looked all over your profile where i could email you and i see nothing!! boo hoo!)

  2. It IS better! Trust me, this one tightens pores waaaay better! My skin tends to be dry too, but this balances It. Oh! I'll PM you a message! :))