Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wet N Wild Mega Last lipcolor review.

Uh....Wait...These are drugstore? That's exactly what you're gonna say when you try these! Seriously. The quality is crazy good. Pigmented, semi matte, long lasting, unscented, and they come in a great variety of colors. Sold on them yet? So pigmented that you might have to apply with a lip brush if you don't like so much pigment. I do though, so I just use straight from the tube. I don't usually get excited for colors that aren't red, but when I saw these I had to have more than just the reds. Plus at around $3 (got them at Walgreens) each ,why not? So budget friendly you could get them all, on the same day even! You get so much product at 0.11 oz or 3.3g (MAC l/s are 3.0g at 14.50 each). A thickly pigmented l/s with tons of product for just $3?? Yes, please!
Every color I have is beautiful. But their reds are incredible! Absolutely love 910 Red Velvet and 911 Stoplight red. 911 is bright, and 910 is BRIGHT. Blinding bright! I LOVE It! If you think Revlon matte Really Red is red, nu uh, this one is. It out reds Really Red. Really Red gets blinded by this one. Trust the Sonia.
Another thing I like is the packaging.  It's nice and sturdy, not at all what I expected at 3 bucks. Now, they aren't Hourglass packaging of course, but they're nice sturdy black plastic tube with a clear lid. Only thing I don't like about these is that the names aren't written on the bottom, just the number is, name comes off when you take off the wrapper. Here are the pictures!

L-R 918 Cherry Bomb (dark wine), 905 Smokin' Hot Pink (dark smokey pink), 902 Bare It All (cool nude, best when sheered out IMO, I don't like full on nude), 919 Vamp It Up (dark eggplant), 916 Ravin' Raisin (grape), 907 Mauve Outta Here (bright pink mauve), 911 Stoplight Red (red), 910 Red Velvet (RED), and 903 Just Peachy (Warm nude peach. THE perfect nude for us darker ladies).

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Be careful when putting on the lid, the l/s doesn't go down all the way. Avoid doing what I did to 910 with the lid.

(With flash) Same order as the l/s army. So long lasting that I had to scrub my arm down with tons of oil to get them off.
I really love how far Wet N Wild has come they've really stepped up their game. In my opinion It's comparable to HE. From the e/s, to the blushes, to these l/s. Even the Color Icon eyeliners! Those are amazing as well! Everything I've tried from  WnW Color Icon has been pigmented and high quality, and these definitely don't fall short.
I really recommend you give their l/s a try! If you don't know which to start with (if you're scared of reds) I recommend either Mauve Outta here or Just Peachy, those are my non red favs. Hope this review was helpful! Alright, I gotta go get the mail! :)