Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Beethoven and Ludwig palettes review and swatches.

Thin sleek packaging, fits perfectly in mu bag for travel.

Hi everyone! I have to share 2 of my most loved palettes. The quality is fabulous, buttery soft, pigmented, and a great value at just $34 for a good size palette with eight e/s. Both contain everything you need to create a look, lid, crease, and highlighter colors. Each comes with two double ended flat brush applicators that I don't find work for the shadows but do work as e/l brushes for gel liner.  I love the rubber packaging, reminds me of NARS. I kept the boxes to keep the palettes in them to keep them clean, plus the box is pretty and I love the detail. :D I took Beethoven when I went on vacation to NE since I didn't want to take too much with me (I always over pack lol). It was easy to travel with and It had everything I needed from plenty of e/s to choose from to a matte black I could use as brow powder (also has a matte brown if you have brown brows). I was able to really get use of of this since It was the only e/s I took. I did everything from neutral looks, to smokey and dramatic eyes. All with one palette. Add this palette to my 'For Browns list'. I extra recommend It for my brown eyed sistahs. The colors in Beethoven are:

(Description taken from

 Lucifer (Matte charcoal black)
Speed Blue (Dark metallic blue)
Razor Gray (Warm gun steel shimmer)
Tequila (Metallic cornsilk shimmer)
Galeano (Metallic medium plum shimmer)
Sinner (Metallic purple black shimmer)
Rad Purple (Matte purple black with purple glitter, this one is my fav)
Leather (Matte dark brown)

Ludwig is absolutely beautiful. Very well put together palette, there's not one shadow I don't like. This one also contains both a matte black and a brown, so this is also great for travel.  Every shadow is pigmented and blends easily. Contains shades for both dramatic and classic neutral looks. Also add this to my 'For Browns' list, It's a must.
When I go on a trip or vacation I take one of these palettes, I just pick up a random one without looking. I have a hard time picking between the two so I just randomly pick lol. The colors in Ludwig are:

(Taken from

Lucifer (Matte charcoal black)
Orbi (Golden green shimmer)
Dimebag (Metallic lime green)
Clay (Beige with gold glitter, my fav shadow from this palette)
Tequila (Metallic cornsilk shimmer)
Downtown (Metallic light copper shimmer)
Baroque (Golden bronze shimmer)
Leather (Matte chocolate brown)

Note: I clean all my mu, I don't like dirty mu! So that's why they look a little new. I use microfiber towels.

Swatched both palettes over Avalon Organics Lavender lotion. I couldn't get the mattes to stick to the wet lotion.

*Drools at all the prettyness*

Thanks for looking! :)




  1. Thanks for the nice swatches, I have 4 Kat Von D palettes but not these ones! They look like they are really nice!

  2. Awww, you're welcome, I'm glad you like them! Ooooo which do you have? :)

  3. How fun! The colors look so pretty on your skin :-)

  4. Gorgeous swatches! And I *love* that you hate dirty mu just as much as me! Clean mu ftw!! :) xxx

  5. Thank you, love! I am glad you liked them!:) Oh YAY someone else that takes care of their mu!;_; Hell yes, FTW! MU is special, It deserves to be taken care of! *wipes proud tears*

  6. How fun! The colors look so pretty on your skin :-)