Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dior Rouge Dior Favori Red

A red a day keeps the doctor away! Well...At least that's what I think. :P Here's my latest red! Favori Red ($30 for 0.12 oz at, purchased at Sephora) is a pink based cherry red.
Formula: Creamy, very smooth, moisturizing, and glides right on. I barely touched my arm with It to swatch and It went on super pigmented with one swipe and like buttah! Also has a light scent. It's not strong so doesn't really bother me. Scent reminds me of L'Oreal l/s. Id prefer a more vanilla scent or no scent but It's no big deal. As long as It doesn't smell/taste like Avon's "Mega Impact" (quotations cause they are neither mega nor impact, but that's a separate story)  l/s I don't mind It. Feels so light and luxurious on my lips.

Packaging: SEXY and elegant. Outside is made of veryyy smooth sturdy plastic, which is actually good quality and not cheap and thin. Inside tube is metal. Top of the lid has the CD logo on top which looks and is made with the same plastic material as the e/s packaging. Love the little details on It from the CD on top, to engraved logo on the outside to the one on the lipstick itself.


I've been wearing It all day and It hasn't faded at all. Pretty impressive cause I've had many spoonfuls of Nutella. :D

Thanks for looking!


Sonia <3


  1. Wow, so pretty!

    I don't think I could spend $30 on a lipstick though! :)

  2. @ Vintage Makeup

    Lol, I wish I had your willpower! :)

  3. What a great red! I had a good laugh over your spoonfuls of Nutella comment!

  4. Now why didn't Dior include that color in their trial pack? Lol. It's gorgeous. I love bright reds!! xxxxxx

  5. @ Rachel

    I knowuh! It's not right! It would have made a believer out of you, lol! Not to mention It would look freaking hot. ;)