Monday, October 31, 2011

My top ten favorite MAC shadows

Hi everyone! I love, love, love MAC's neutral shadows. I like my looks simple, do not like wearing a ton of different shadows just not my thing, 3-4 max (4th one being a black shadow to line my eyes so that might not count). What I love about MAC is that their neutrals are great for the fuss free looks I like so much, especially with their great duochromes.
My top ten are:

1) Patina- Antique gold with pink duochrome
2) Vex- Light greyish beige with pink duochrome
3) Vapour- Light pink with blue and violet duochrome
4) Ricepaper- Light golden champagne
5) Crystal Avalanche- Shimmery pure white
6) Brule- Nude (satin finish)
7) Soba- Golden brown with pink shimmer
8) Retrospeck- Champagne with silver microglitter
9) Naked Lunch- Light neutral shimmery pink
10) All that glitters- Shimmery peachy pink

Same order as above

Thanks for reading!




  1. Awesome picks Sonia! I feel a bit sad that I own none of these :-p Then again, I only own 4 MAC shadows. :) I'd love to see your faves for other brands as well!

  2. Vex is one of my favorite eyeshadows ever!

  3. I'm trying to build my eyeshadow collection (and general eye-makeup abilities) so this really helps. :3 Especially since I love all the looks you create. Thank you~

  4. We actually have a lot of similar faves, such as Naked Lunch and Ricepaper.

  5. Pretty arm! Nice job with the swatches. I just got Vapour recently, and it's now one of my favorite highlight colors. :P <3 xxx

  6. Nice swatches! I do not have any of these. A couple that I have and think you would have liked are Night Maneuvers and Soft Force from Style Warrior in 2009. Perhaps you even have them somewhere.

  7. I love Crystal Avalanche, I actually wore it today :)

  8. YESS All that glitters will eternally be my favorite.

  9. These colors seem great. I love a variety of shades.
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  10. Vex and Rice paper are also some of my favorites. Vex in particular <33333

  11. great pics. Mac Ricepaper is the best eyeshadow ever i will def be doing this post