Monday, January 31, 2011

Yet another red. Hourglass Raven.

Hi everyone! I, Sonia, WILL NEVER and COULD NEVER have too many reds. I have added yet another one to my family of reds. I HAD to have Hourglass Raven ($30) when I saw It at Sephora. GORGEOUSSS red with orange undertone. I normally don't like cream lippies I always blot them, but this is so beautiful and the texture is so fabulous. It looks creamy without looking too shiny or glossy like I find most cream l/s do. It Is thick/pigmented, luxurious, and screams quality. Not only does it look luxurious as I'm putting in on, but It feels luxurious. It lasts ridiculously long! You all know I go through tea like crazah all day long, and this stays put. Sip after sip after sip. I was so surprised! At the end of the day I still had some left, I only needed to apply once. It faded a little and It faded beautifully and evenly. Also, It didn't stain my lips, came right off when I wiped It off. The packaging is aaammmaaazing. The tube is made of metal and feels really heavy. The best part Is that It's refillable, $24 on Which is great, I wouldn't have the heart to toss the tube once I finish it.
Love the hourglass design on the l/s as well. OK OK, here are the pics!! :DDDD

This is so sexy it should be censored.

Thanks for looking! :)




  1. Ooohhh that looks beautiful! I agree, I definitely can't get enough reds; this might be something I'd wanna try out if I happen to have the extra cash :)

  2. I hope you can get it, you'd love it! Worth every penny. :)