Thursday, January 20, 2011

NARS Luster

Hi everyone! Just when I tell myself I don't need anymore blush, that I have more than plenty, I see a blush like Luster. I threw it in my shopping basket so fast I'm surprised I didn't make a hole in it! This blush is a stunning apricot/peach with gold shimmer. Which is my weakness. Peach, apricot, orange blush is my weakness. Especially if there's gold shimmer thrown in.
The shimmer in this isn't OTT either, just enough for a glow. The texture is so soft and fabulous. Very pigmented, so you can use as much or as little as you would like. Me I  use a little just on my cheekbones. So with this level of pigmentation It will last forever. A little tip, the rubber packaging can get dirty easily, so I keep all my NARS stuff in the boxes. This really helps, everything looks new. Plus for the price, $26, you bet I'm gonna keep everything! Onto the pics!

O_O Flash

No flash

DOTD! Random, I know. :P

HOT! What I love about this blush is that It's so soft that It could even be used with OTT e/s without looking like It's too much. I definitely recommend it!

Thanks for looking!




  1. I LOVE Luster! Aside from Amour, it's my favorite blush from NARS. :D

  2. Oh I don't have Amour! I keep hearing good things about this one. How do you think It would work on NC40? :)