Monday, January 31, 2011

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight.

Hi everyone! Lately, I have super obsessed with highlighters. I'm surprised I haven't dreamnt of them, but I'm sure I will soon, lol. There is just something about them that really gets me. They are glamorous and really make skin come alive and glow. I really have to share my most recent highlighter purchase, Too Faced Candlelight ($25). It's so so stunning, just beautiful. The box says It's made with 'real gold', so that adds to the feeling of looking glamorous. :D The texture is silky soft, and the shimmer Itself is very very fine. This isn't a frosty highlighter, more like veryyyy fine glitter. But don't let the word 'glitter' scare you, this is very wearable without looking like It's more suited for kids. What I like a lot is that It's subtle, It's not like 'BAM, I'm highlighted', I noticed It shows depending on the way I move. First time I put It on I didn't think It was visible, till I moved my head looking for It, then I noticed It's magic. OK I'll shut up now and show you the pics! GET READY!

In the words of the movie 'Friday'....DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYM!

My little photo bomber showed up. <3

Ugh, LOVE this. I've been using It everyday for like 2 weeks. This is quickly becoming my favorite highlighter.
Thanks so much for looking and I hope you had a great weekend!




  1. I've been looking for an alternative to MAC MSFs since the ones I want are limited edition, and I can't get my hands on them. This looks awesome! The packaging looks very pretty.
    It looks a little glittery in the photo, is the glitter in it that visible in person?

  2. Glad you like it. :) It looks more like a glow on the cheeks. It's subtle. When I first used it I thought It didn't show, but I moved my head to the side and noticed It glowed as I moved. I don't know if you have used NARS Hungry Heart, It like that, but without the glitter. Does that make sense? lol:)

  3. @ Vintage

    Awwww thank you!! <333 It's a she lol. :) But it's ok!