Sunday, May 1, 2011


 Hi everyone! I went to Disneyland yesterday and I took a few pics so I could share them with you. I started taking lots then I realized I wasn't really getting a chance to enjoy anything cause I was so busy trying to get good pics so I had to stop. :P
Windows from a shop. Pic under this one is from the same shop. Of course *I* loved them.

Vintage items. Love!

Look how my shirt was glowing in the Pinocchio ride! The round thing was a button.

At Space Mountain. It was so windy yesterday that it blew this umbrella right from a food cart and it ended up on the roof. Luckly it landed where it did cause right under it was the huge line of people!

My dream mirror!
Thanks for reading! <333


  1. I love that shop! & the mirror. :) Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. Disneyland ..! wow!!!It is my dream to go there at least once... ^_^ you had lots of fun there! *envy*hehehe...

  3. Which Disneyland was it you went to? I've been to the Paris one, and it's quite possibly my favourite place on earth! Can't wait to have children so I'll have an excuse to go like 4 times a year!

  4. Oh . . . I love that portrait of all the Disney Princesses :)

  5. @ Vintage

    It's so us! I sure did! <3 :)

    @ Shareena

    I really hope you get to go there! I want details and pictures when you go!

    @ Aoife

    Omgoodness, in Paris? Lucky! LOL if I were you I would go there often, with or without kids! Especially if they have an all year pass just like the one here does. :) I went to the one here in the U.S. which is here in California.

    @ Diana

    Isn't it just gorgeous!?

  6. DISNEYLAND!! OMG I havent been there since I was in elementary school!! Happiest place on earth =))

  7. @ Janalyn

    NO. HUAY. Girl! Nooo! You have to go back, it really is the happiest place on earth!

  8. haha you lucky hoor

    i especially love the Princess's picture

  9. DisneyLand! I love that place! I NEED to go again ASAP.


  10. haha you lucky hoor

    i especially love the Princess's picture