Friday, May 27, 2011

Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Mat Soft Compact Face Powder in 86 Toffee Taffeta

Hi everyone! Toffee Taffeta ($46 for 0.38 oz) is a bronze colored face powder. Has four squares with different shades that according so Sephora's description are supposed to combine to "form a unique blend that presents subtle and attractive harmonies for maximum radiance." Sounds pretty fancy, doesn't it? Supposedly this is a face powder, but it's SO shimmery. I bought it to use on my cheeks. That's how dark I am, I use bronzers as blush, but that's a separate story.Well anyways, I wore this puppy today and i'm not sure how I feel about it. It looked muddy on me and didn't easily blend. Also faded very fast, by the 2nd hour it was gone. Same thing happened yesterday with their Fashionista Brown blush. Which really sucks cause both products look so gorgeous in the pan!
Texture is powdery, soft, and silky, but like I said, tough to blend. Packaging looks gorgeous but feels quite flimsy. Has a 2nd compartment on the bottom that slides out to reveal a blush. But that's the flimsy part, it's really wobbly. But I still love the look of it, so i'll shut up lol. I'm gonna use this a little longer and see if it works for me or not. Has a light violet scent that's very similar to Guerlain though not as strong.

Ugh, it swatches so pretty! I really hope this ends up working for me.

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  1. I hope this works for you too! It looks great!

  2. It's too bad you're not liking it so far! Maybe it'd make a nice eyeshadow. :)