Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation in Caramel

Hi everyone! Caramel ($45 for 0.14oz) is a gorgeous gorgeous shimmery warm caramel blush with four  shades in one. I'm sure i've said this before and I probably will again, but this is the perfect blush for us darker ladies. Second most important thing is that it will go with red lips, has to, or it's a deal breaker. 
Texture is wonderful, not too powdery. Packaging is pretty, but i'm not too crazy about the velvet pouch, doesn't have the YSL logo on it. What I like about luxury products is the attention to detail. At $45 it better have nice little details to make it look like I paid $45. I don't know if i'm being a douche but that part really bugs me, like they just threw it in some random flimsy pouch and said "Here, shut up Sonia." The brush it came with is decent though. Good thing the blush is so beautiful!

All the colors blended


Here's my cake! Red velvet--my fav! Oh about that 5, that's how old I turned, yup! Btw, the 24 on my About Me is staying! I refuse to change it to 25! Just so later none of you say "Hey Sonia you forgot to change your age". I DIDN'T.  >_<

Thanks for reading! <33




  1. "but i'm not too crazy about the velvet pouch, doesn't have the YSL logo on it."

    Very particular about your velvet pouches aren't you?

    I LOVE RED VELVET CAKE, GIMMIE! haha Happy Birthday :)

  2. @ Shareena

    Thank you! NOMNOMNOM.

    @ Vintage

    LOL, i'm particular about attention to detail when i'm paying for $45 for a blush.:P :) I know it sounds an@l but if it's gonna be expensive, it's gotta look it, it's all I ask!

    I HAVE PLENTY LEFT! Come and get it! Thank you so much! <33

  3. LOL to the not changing your age! At a certain point in the 20's that I got to last birthday, I decided that I am now "20-something"! Love the YSL powder, it looks really pretty! I really want that YSL blue gloss that is coming out for the summer!

  4. @ Vulcan

    LMAO!! See, you feel my pain! That's a great idea, to just say 20-something. Oh I was just looking at pics of that gloss! It looks like a fun rich blue! <3