Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics

Took pics and swatches of these while I was at Sephora. So excited to share! The texture is unbelievable and unlike anything i've ever used before, I can't describe it. The colors were absolutely stunning and very shimmery. I didn't pick any up today and now i'm regretting it. But I will next time i'm there. 

$48 for 0.18 oz. These are amazinggg in person.

Palettes 5 and 6

# 19 (its in the wrong spot, actual number is 3) and 20

# 1 and 2


These are meant to be used wet or dry; comes with a silicone applicator which you wet then use to pick up the shadow with. So cool! Please click on the pics to make larger and see the applicator. Can't wait to go back and get 1 and 03. Thanks for reading!


  1. 4 is looking really lovely! =D

  2. I LOVE 19 sooo gorgeous! Great swatches Sonia :)

  3. Nice swatches, babe! I love it. Love this post :) <3 xxx

  4. @ Vijiis

    It's seriously so you. ;)

    @ Vintage

    ME TOO! And i'm so sorry it's actually #3, I didn't realize that they weren't in correct order. >_<

    @ Rachel

    Thanks babe! SO glad you love it! Makes me :).
    <33 xoxoxo

  5. I love me some Yves... all their products are amazing! my fave palette is #4, I think... w the lavender and teal :))