Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chanel Joues Contrast blush in Espiegle

Hi everyone! Espiegle ($43 for 0.21 oz at Neiman Marcus) is a gorgeous soft peach with soft gold shimmer. Like Illamasqua Excite but with gold shimmer. *Squeels* I love peach blushes, I can't get enough of them! So when I saw the light shinning on this beauty at Neiman Marcus, I had to have it.

Texture: Very soft and beautifully pigmented. Has a light rose scent, which I love. Not sure how others out feel but I love that this is scented. Fades once on the skin though.

Packaging: Sturdy plastic and comes with a mirror.

Thanks for reading! <33




  1. LOOOOVE Chanel Blushes! They are one of my favorites!! This color looks gorg too!!

  2. Rose scent? That's an interesting trait for a blush: I love the scent of roses!

  3. @ Janalyn

    YAY you have GREAT taste!! Oh this is just tdf!

    @ Shareena

    Thank you! :)

    @ Vijiis

    It smells divine! *wiff*

  4. That is so pretty, can I borrow it? haha

  5. This blush looks gorgeous! I've heard a lot of great things about Chanel blushes.

  6. Oh I'm actually wearing this blush today =P

    It's a nice blush but I find that I have to layer on the product for it to show on my NC30 skin tone.. But gives a lovely peachy glow for sure!

  7. That is so pretty, can I borrow it? haha

  8. Oh i've been craaaaaaaving this like a piece of chocolate. I NEED a peach blush I really do!