Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sephora VIB event haul.

Hi everyone! Had a blast at the VIB, especially because they had cupcakes and apple cider. Heck yeah!

I got, CHANEL COCO Mademoiselle, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Red Muse, Hourglass duo in Gypsy, Hourglass Creme to powder bronzer in Bronze Light, Laura Mercier e/s in Sable, Guava, and Topaz. Guava is going back though, it's NOTHING like the tester was. Tester was a pigmented peach with gold shimmer, and the one I got was hard and barely pigmented.

This stuff is amaziiingggg! Leaves my skin dewy and glowy.

Here's the tote they were giving away. I really like it! Came with a bunch of samples.


  1. I'm not a VIB, unfortunately, otherwise I totally would've gone. xP

    Great haul! It sucks, though, when a tester is nicer than the product you buy. I always sort of go, "I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND?!" D<

  2. Aww man, you would have loved it!

    Thank you! I KNWUH I totally agree! THE TESTER IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER! *pouts*

  3. Awww.. my Sephora didnt have cupcakes and apple cider! I got jipped! lol great buys! Love Coco Mademoiselle, it makes me feel special when I wear Chanel fragrances =)

  4. @ Janalyn

    Booo! That's not fair! All VIBs deserve cupcakes! Thank you! Oh definitely, there's just something about CHANEL.

  5. You got a lot of great goodies!

    The Sephora tote is adorable.

  6. Nice haul! I'm on a no buy so I'm not planning to get anything. :( lol

  7. @ Rai

    Thank you! Lol, awww! :( You have great willpower, lol.