Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make up faux pas?

Thought id do a fun little poll.:) What make up crimes/faux pas did you commit in middle and/or high school? In middle school I did white liner on the top lid. No black, just white. Hay I was 12! >_<


  1. I kept things pretty natural during high school. But, there was a period during college were I thought it was really cool to over-line my lips. I had to realize that I wasn't Gwen Stefani. Booo. :P xxx

  2. Oh god...... heavy (and I mean HEAVY) black eyeliner only on my lower lashline! I also plucked my eyebrows to within an inch of their lives and was under the impression that foundation a few shades darker than your actual skintone was what you were meant to wear. And so I did! I cant even cringe anymore when I look at pictures of me from that time! Lol

  3. hmm... I've done quite a few crime in make up.. when in college.Rusted hair because overdye it, wearing wrong foundations so either it look too white or too shiny... that's because I am too cheap to buy loose powder.. ^-^ and learn ...

  4. @ Rachel

    LOL@ Gwen Stefani. Girl your lips are gorg as they are!

    @ Aoife

    I'm LOL'ing!! You are too funny! I also did heavy liner in HS, but all around lol not just the bottom, I think you got me beat! :P :)


    lol!! NYC makes a loose powder for $1.99. :)I believe Walmart carries it.

  5. I can't think of anything interesting. Except I didn't use actual brushes for my eyeshadow or a primer, does that count?

  6. @ Vintage

    Those definitely count, lol. I remember I used sponges too, made the shadows com out uneven. Also, primer makes a world of difference! Better late than never on that one.

  7. I was REALLY frustrated with my Brooke Shield status eyebrows...sooooooo I shaved them off. And then penciled them back in....thicker than they had been to begin with! Yeah. I've spent the last decade trying to grow them back.