Saturday, April 2, 2011

Elf Beauty Books in Neutral and Smoky.

Hi everyone! I HAVE to share these awesome palettes. Colors range from matte, to shimmery, or with lots of fine gorgeous glitter.

Texture: Like buttah. Fabulous quality, very smooth and very pigmented. Even without a primer.

Quality: I cannot believe they're DS. The quality is amazing.  And only $5 (at Target) for 12 huge shadows. Ugh, wow.

Packaging: Just ok. But for the price...*shrugs* I'll suck it up. They came with a plastic sheet to protect them but it got in the way. It was hard to use since I do my mu with a hand mirror so I would have to put down the mirror to move the sheet over with one hand and use the shadow with the other. So I cut it off.Comes with a double ended sponge applicator and a small black e/l.

This ones my fav of the two.

4th shadow in the top row came cracked. :(

Swatched over Avalon Organics Lavender lotion. It has lots of glycerin in it so works great as a primer for swatching.

Not completely neutral. But it's still a great palette.

I highly recommend these. They both have a great variety of colors to choose from. There's even a book with bright colors called Eye Bright for those of you who prefer bright colors.
Thanks for looking! :)




  1. That looks amazing. I never bought these because the large elf sets tend to lack quality at times, but that's clearly not the case with these. Great swatches!

  2. Pretty colors, I'm interested in these now. :)

    I have an elf palette similar to these, but I dislike it.

  3. @ Vijiis

    lol! So glad you liked this post! I've never tried the large sets, but now i'm for sure not going to lol. I did a big set at Marshalls but it didn't look very appetizing.

    @ Vintage

    You have to try neutral palette! So you! :)
    Which do you have?

  4. @Red lips, Black hair

    It's the Beauty Encyclopedia Eye Edition in Everyday Eye Edition!

  5. This looks great! Will purchase one of them soon..

  6. @ Vintage

    Oh wow, the cream shadows on that one don't seem very good. Did the shadows lack pigment?


    So glad you liked them! Hope you enjoy your palette. :)

  7. Whoa these are really pigmented, the colors comes out amazingly well, even in a photo!

  8. @ Janalyn

    so glad you liked them! They were even more pigmented IRL. :)

  9. Oh I like the 2nd one and colors look so lovely. But I have to stop buying eyeshadows now :(