Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco in Paris

Hi everyone! Paris ($32 for 0.12 oz) is a delicious, delicious blue based red with a little pink throw in. But on me it's a straight up blue red.Truly luxurious; from the formula to the packaging. Verrrryyy long lasting! Here is the list of stuff I ate and drank today and stayed put through (please don't judge me lmao, I can put it away):

Homemade strawberry, banana, and blueberry juice
Ceasar salad
Cold Stone fudge chocolate ice cream cake, BE JELUZ.
Cup of green tea
Then...I went to Pets Mart and took a little break from all the goodies.
Butternut squash soup
THREE, yes, THREE slices from a huge sub sandwich
Acai juice from Naked
Naked Power-C machine

And THEN I had to retouch. But it was after all that. Fabulous!

Texture: Creamy and pigmented, glides like buttah.

Packaging: Very sturdy and heavy, which is how I like it. If i'm gonna pay $32 for a l/s the packaging better be flippin' awesome. I believe it's made of metal (the black part, gold part is metal) but i'm not 100% sure. Could just be very thick sturdy plastic like their normal packaging. But i'm hoping its metal.

Btw, wanna give a shout out to Biglow for making a mean vanilla chai tea that I cannot get enough of, *sips*. Totally random, I know, but that's how I roll. ;)

Thanks checking out this post! :)




  1. Looks like you got some more goodies there in your Chanel bag =)) Shopping spree?! lol I only have one of these lipsticks but I absolutely love it! Its in 'Secret', so moisturizing and the color payoff is great!

  2. @ Janalyn

    LOL that cuuute little bag came with a bunch of samples! I only have one too! Since I only buy reds I don't feel bad owning just one, muahahaha! Yes they are moisturizing and the color payoff IS great! *squeels*

  3. "Cold Stone fudge chocolate ice cream cake"

    I NEED to try this!

    Also that lippie is lovely. :)

  4. @ Vintage

    Omg yes you do it's heaven!

    Thank you! :))

  5. "Cold Stone fudge chocolate ice cream cake"

    I NEED to try this!

    Also that lippie is lovely. :)