Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine l/s in Cranberry Cream

Hi everyone! Clinique Cranberry Cream ($14.50 0.14 oz at Sephora) is a dark berry red with a touch of wine. On me though it just looks dark red, because I myself, am dark.

Glides on like a dream and is very moisturizing. I blot it of course but those of you who prefer creamy l/s this is perfect for you. Now, if you're Paula Deen don't get too excited, there isn't actual butter in this. Just Shea Butter is one of the main ingredients. Great pigmentation and staying power. Woops I accidentally put 'staying powder.' Good thing I double checked!

I prefer to wear this one with either just mascara and liner or just mascara. It's very 'hey you look at me, LOOK AT ME.' So it doesn't need too much else. I don't like pink blush so I pair it with either nude or peach cheeks. My mommy uses this l/s too. She doesn't hoard like I do (lol) so hers is almost gone.

Thanks for looking!


Sonia (pretend I have a sweet signature)


  1. @ Janalyn

    'HEY YAAAA'LL! Today we're making butter, with a side of butter, topped with melted butter in a bed of butter.'

  2. Gawgeous..simply gawgeous. It's like a classic, deep red. *So* Sonia :P <3 xxx

  3. This is such a deep, gorgeous red. *lust*

  4. So pretty, I love how glossy it is! :)

  5. What a hot colour, I'd love to see it on you!

  6. @ Rachel

    Lol thank you!! :) Awww you know me!<3 :*:*:*

    @ Vijiis

    Lol@ lust. Very lust worthy!


    Oh it *is* glossy. Very luxe. ;)

    @ Vulcan

    Glad you liked it! I'll do a look with it soon just for you! ;)

  7. So pretty, I love how glossy it is! :)